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In April of 2015, singer/songwriter/musician Gedeon unveiled his debut EP, Black Bird Flying. Fueled by mysterious sound of the guitar and outstanding voice variation. Working on his studio album "Simple Love" Gedeon released a track from the upcomming album called "Beetle In A Bottle" in October 2017. The album title Simple Love is a metaphor for an emotion that in it's purest form is simple to express but is hard to explain. Love and work go hand in hand and as we progress in life we learn more about ourselves by experiencing these qualities. The CD is about emotions and about how we deal with them in our day to day routines. For people who go through hard times as well as for people who experience a period of happines. In 2020 Pat Gedeon released the studio album "Big Dreams In A Small City".

"Life is a melody and it will sound the way you play it"